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Don't Skip On Car Washing

Regular car washing is crucial for any automobile owner. It is about more than keeping your car looking its finest. There are crucial reasons why you need to make regular car washings part of your routine.

One of the biggest reasons is that regular car washing helps preserve your car's resale value. Every day your car is exposed to a wide range of environmental stresses including bird droppings, dirt, and bug splatters. If not removed in a timely manner, these messes can ruin your car's finish and its resale value.

The other reason car washing is so important…
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How Can I Get The Best Gas Mileage?

With gasoline prices constantly in flux, it helps to know what you can do to achieve your car's best gas mileage!

  • Choose Maintenance over Repair: Getting regular tune-ups saves money on repairs, and it keeps your car running at its most fuel-efficient.
  • Mind That Gas Pedal!: In traffic, it's tempting to hit the gas whenever you can, but aggressive acceleration-breaking patterns reduce your gas mileage. The same goes for speeding, so avoid driving faster than 50 mph when the speed limit allows.
  • Don't Idle: It takes less fuel to start your engine than it does to let…
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The 2017 Ford Escape Doesn't Fool Around

Like the idea of an SUV that is powerful, luxurious, and stylish, but without the giant price tag of an SUV that is powerful, luxurious and stylish? Then the Ford Escape is the vehicle for you. Not only does it have a powerful EcoBoost engine for more punch-it also has fuel-saving features. Features like its Auto Start-Stop Technology that produces fewer emissions and saves on fuel consumption. And lower fuel consumption means that your dollar stretches further. It also has many other features like an alert for when you unintentionally drift into another lane...
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Great Ways to Increase Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a big deal for drivers all over the world. With fuel prices exploding with no real end in sight, people are trying to find ways to increase their fuel economy without having to spend a lot of money. Doing this isn't hard to do, and the result will be lower fuel costs for you so you can spend or save your extra hard earned money.

The first thing to do is very easy and will dramatically change how much you spend on fuel. Just take the time to make sure tire pressure in your vehicles is…
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2017 Ford Fusion

Over the years, a new car is one of the most important investments that you can make. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that are taking place here. The 2017 Ford Fusion is a great vehicle that a lot of people are exited about. If you want to invest in a new model, come check out the 2017 Ford Fusion. This is a car that has great gas mileage and new technology to make the driving experience better and easier for you. Over time, we are excited about all of the new and improved…
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Why you need to have your car oil changed

Regardless of the car you own, you will need servicing. It’s an essential requirement for all vehicles. It will see your car perform better. It also will enable you to save most in your travel. There are many maintenance practices, but the common one and most essential is the oil change.

Oil plays a major role in the engine. It lubricates it. Oil also acts as a coolant in the engine controlling the heats produced. Moreover, it cleans it by washing away any dirt that can accumulate in the engine.

After the usage in the various engine activities, the…
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Meet the 2017 Ford Fusion Rotary Gear Shift Dial with Return to Park Technology

We've all been there. You're multipoint-turning to ease your brand-new car into a tight spot, and you're so happy to get there that you forget to put that baby in park. The situation is ripe for a dangerous rollaway. Not the case for the brand-new 2017 Ford Fusion. Making use of feedback from its sensor network and three electronic modules that monitor transmission and shifting, Fusion's rotary gear shift dial activates Return to Park technology when it appears you may exit the vehicle, automatically shifting Fusion into park, so you can rest assured you'll head…

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Distance Driver? Then the 2017 Ford Focus is the Car for You

There is not one person in the world who does not want to save money when it comes to gasoline. The best way to address the issue is by purchasing a vehicle that is economical when it comes to gasoline. The 2017 Ford Focus is the perfect driving machine in this regard.

Further, this little beauty comes with a load of innovation under its hood. It has proved its fuel-efficiency by way of attaining a higher economy rating than most automobiles within its classification. It has automated many processes, too—adding more economy, to the automobile, fuel-wise. Its technological features…
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