Good Vibrations?

A car that is working efficiently moves down the road with little or no vibrations. The complexity of a car’s system is the result of years of engineering. Modern vehicles are the smoothest running vehicles ever constructed. When vibrations occur, the modern driver knows something is awry. The “something” is often found in the exhaust system.

When leaks occur along the exhaust system, the driver feels vibrations in the accelerator or the steering column. If the leak in the front of the system, the vibration is minor. When the leak is at the rear of the system, such as in the muffler, the vibration is more intense. This is because the back pressures that are developed along the whole of the system are compromised. The further down the system that the leak occurs, the more system components are affected.

To have sudden vibrations checked out, come to our service center here at Ed Corley Ford Sales Inc. in Grants, NM.

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