Make Poor Visibility Conditions Better with the Ford Escape's Technology Features

Driving when the visibility conditions are poor can be scary. If it's raining, it's more difficult to see the lines on the road. And if it's dark outside, you have to remember to turn your high beams on and off as traffic approaches then exits your area. But with the popular crossover, the Ford Escape, there are technology features that will make visibility easier.

You know how frustrating it is to switch the wiper blades on and off or switch the speeds. The rain-sensing windshield wipers on the front detect moisture and turn on and off according to the conditions.

And if you've ever forgotten to turn off your high beams when a vehicle was approaching, then you'll love the automatic high beams on the headlamps. They turn off when a vehicle is approaching and back on again when the car has passed. That way, you don't have to worry about causing an accident.

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