The Ford F-150 Raptor is Built for Off-Road Environments

The Ford F-150 Raptor is a very lean automobile. However, it can handle rough road conditions in rugged environments.

If you drive a Raptor on off-road trails, its nimble frame will make handling easier. This truck weighs around 500 pounds because its housing is constructed out of a military-grade aluminum alloy. Although the alloy is light, it's very strong, so you can maneuver a Raptor confidently along paths that have rocks and pebbles. If you encounter challenging obstacles, you can take advantage of the Terrain Management System, which is a standard feature. When you need help steering the Raptor, you can activate Trail Control.

A test drive is worth considering if you want to check out the Raptor's performance features on the road. You can arrange a short cruise in a Raptor by visiting Ed Corley Ford Sales Inc. We're located in Grants, NM, and we set up test drives on roads in the surrounding area.

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