The Ford Edge Has Smart Driver-Assist Technologies

The Ford Edge's smart systems give the driver confidence on the road. Each technology activates during strategic situations in order to boost safety in a smart way.

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the standout features. Because this system is designed with Stop-and-Go technology, you don't have to press the Edge's brake pedal to slow down in traffic while Adaptive Cruise Control is activated. Instead, the technology will stop the Edge when nearby vehicles reduce their speed. Then, it will gradually boost the engine to its previous speed when other cars begin to move on the road.

There are many roads in Grants, NM that have heavy traffic. In these locations, you can easily examine the Edge's cruise control system and Stop-and-Go technology during a test drive. The Ford Edge and test drive opportunities are available at Ed Corley Ford Sales Inc. We set up short trips in the latest Edge vehicles for all potential buyers.

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