Built from all the passion of its iconic heritage, Mustang Mach-E is a new shape of freedom. Get ready for 0-60  thrills with zero emissions. Reserve yours. Quantities limited.

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Reserve Your Ford Mustang Mach-E at Ed Corley Ford, Serving Grants

One of the hottest new vehicles is the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. This is the high-performance electric vehicle that the car world has been buzzing about for months. Now, it's coming to Ed Corley Ford! This is your chance to reserve one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of the past several years.

A Breakthrough in Electrified Performance

When you have an all-new vehicle continue the Mustang tradition, then you know it has to be beautiful, powerful, and fast. The Mustang Mach-E is the all-electric SUV that is ready to take high performance to the next decade and beyond. From the exterior design, you know that this electric SUV is different. This vehicle is not just about being a clean energy vehicle; from its expressive lines to its Mustang-inspired shape, this is the electric SUV that changes everything.

Let's Talk About Numbers

The Mustang Mach-E is ready to change your daily driving life! This all-electric SUV comes with a rear-wheel-drive range of up to 300 miles. The GT edition has a top 0 to 60 MPH time in the mid three seconds and you can get an extended range of up to 47 miles with a 10-minute charge. This is the electric SUV that gives you power and range without a compromise in either category.

Get Your All-New Ford Mach-E First

Be one of the first people to experience what it is like to get top Mustang performance from an all-electric SUV. See what it's like to get supercar acceleration from an SUV. Be one of the first lucky few to own one of the most innovative vehicles in Ford's history.

How to Reserve Your Mustang Mach-E

You can reserve your Mustang Mach-E by contacting Ed Corley Ford in the Grants area today. Remember, we can only reserve on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't wait. Call today.